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Those ugly yellow informational labels would look a lot better if they weren't on your visors, but unfortunately they are pretty much permanent---UNTIL NOW. These easy to apply "peel & stick" sunvisor label covers give your interior the clean appearance you want by covering those unsightly yellow labels permanently.

$11.95 per pair


Not sure of your color? Order a fabric color chart for $4.00.

Don't see your size. Order an 8x10 sheet for custom cutting.

​SunVisor Label Covers are an Automotive Interior Sun Visor Accessory trim for Corvettes, Cars, Trucks, SUV’s & Vans. Sun Visor Solutions covers the Ugly Sun Visor Sticker with a Headliner Fabric Label.

(It is Legal)

No Federal motor vehicle safety standard prohibits the use of this product by a vehicles owner. 

It is informational only, not a warning label on your visor.